National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat"

National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat"

Name area: Reserve "Middle Pripyat"

Coordinates: 52 ° 15 ¢ of N 27 ° 00 ¢ the E

Location Pinsk, Luninets, Stolin district, Brest region, Zhitkovichi district, Gomel region,

Status: The area important for birds (IBA) c 1998 (Code BY 017,Criteria A1, A4, B1, B3)

Ramsar site since 2001 (criteria 1, 2, 5, 6, 8)

Republican landscape reserve since 1999

Area: 90,447 hectares

Description of the territory

Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is one of the largest specially protected areas, not only in Belarus but also in Europe. The total area of ​​the reserve is 90 447 hectares, the length of the reserve from west to east about 120 km, width from 4 to 22 km.

The reserve includes a portion of the border of the floodplain of the Pripyat River from the mouth to the mouth of the river Yaselda Stviga river. The territory of the Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is represented by a large complex of floodplain habitats, preserved in a state close to natural. The total area of ​​the type characteristic of Polissya floodplain ecosystem of more than 80 km2.

The presence of unique habitats and characteristics of the water regime Reserve "Middle Pripyat" led to the preservation of its territory a number of rare species of flora and fauna. The flora of the reserve 14 species of rare and podugrozoy extinction of plants and 3 types of grids included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. The reserve established dwelling 17 rare species of insects. In Pripyat, its tributaries and numerous floodplain lakes inhabited by 12 species of fish national and international conservation status (Dnieper barbel, nase, common vimba, catfish, etc.). The reserve is also home to protected species of amphibians (crested newt Triturus cristatus, natterjack Bufo calamita) and reptiles (water turtle Emis orbicularis). Over the entire period of observation in the reserve "Middle Pripyat" noted stay 63 bird species included in the Red Book of Belarus. Of these 47 species nest on the territory of the region, 16 species were recorded during seasonal migrations. 6 species of birds included in the IUCN Red List.

About 35% of the reserve is occupied by forests, which are dominated by oak and alder floodplain typical for Polissya flora and fauna. A variety of grassland reserve (from strongly wetlands to dry) can serve as a model for the Polesie region. Exceptional value are preserved in the floodplain fens that are in Europe under threat of extinction.

A characteristic feature of the floodplain. Pripyat is relatively low and the extensive spring floods, summer low water period, which violated almost every year flood. The duration of high water varies from 40 - 45 days to 3.5 - 4 months.

Economic and other activities within the reserve is governed by the Regulations on the Republican Biological Reserve "Middle Pripyat", approved by Decree of the Council of Ministers on 19.07.1999 №1105.

National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is a standard much swampy floodplain - almost vanished ecosystem in Europe. In this section of the floodplain of Pripyat is focused on the biggest area of ​​the complex of natural alluvial landscapes not only in Belarus but also in Europe as a whole. Pripyat River is the central waterway Polesie lowland, from the state of the ecosystem of the floodplain of the river depends largely on the state of the hydrological regime of Polesie region.

The reserve status of the territory has an international importance for birds (IBA) c 1998 (Code BY 017 A1 criteria, A4, B1, B3) and Ramsar site since 2001 (criteria 1, 2, 5, 6, 8).

The Reserve "Middle Pripyat" in the natural state preserved habitats in Europe are threatened with extinction - open fen sedge marshes, meadows heterogeneous systems floodplain lakes and oxbow lakes, old growth oak and alder. Many biocenoses last characteristic Polesie region, now in connection with the drainage became rare in Polesie, and in most European countries have practically disappeared. Within the reserve recorded 190 species of birds, including 63 species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Floodplain. Pripyat is of international importance for the protection of 12 species of birds, including aquatic warbler, greater spotted eagle, corncrake, snipe, geese, piskulka are threatened with global extinction. Here nest more than 1% of the European population of great bittern, black stork, black terns. Status Belarusian populations of 14 species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus, is completely determined by the state of the Pripyat floodplain habitats located within the reserve. In total in the reserve is home to over 1% of the republic nskoy population of 27 species of birds. The floodplain is of great international importance for a number of wetland bird species during the spring migration. Through the territory of the reserve 50 thousand migrating geese, about 20 thousand individuals Wigeon, 50 - 100 thousand turuhtanov.V Pripyat and its tributaries and numerous floodplain lakes inhabited by 50 species of fish, including protected species such as the Dnieper barbel, nase, common rybets.Na the reserve grows at least 14 species of plants and 3 species of fungi listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus, including 3 species have international protection status (Bern Convention): a floating water chestnut, marsh angelica, Lindern prostertaya.Rezhim protection and use prriodnyh resources, operating on the territory of the national landscape reserve "Middle Pripyat" Regulation on reserve, approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus from 19.07.1999 №1105 g.Polozhenie of the national landscape reserve "Middle Pripyat" 1. National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is formed on the terri-tory of Pinsk, Stolin, Luninets district of the Brest region and Zhitkovichi Gomel region in order to preserve the unique floodplain ecosystem of the river Pripyat with complexes of rare and endangered species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. 2. On the territory of the National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat" behind-the-bans: works related to changes in the natural landscape and existing-present hydrological regime, in addition to work related to the reconstruction and maintenance of existing reclamation systems and facilities of flood protection, a violation of natural soil cover, for except circuits located on agricultural land, as well as when it is related to forest management; burning dry vegetation (burns), fire clearing felling areas, discharge of untreated and inadequately treated sewage, industrial waste and consumption in the ponds and streams, cleaning water and riparian vegetation, except in designated areas, the breakdown of tourist camps, fires, car parking places not intended for this purpose; movement of mechanized transport off the roads, except for machines that perform agricultural and forestry work; continuous and gradual felling in pine forests, oak forests, ash-kah and grabnyakah and continuous felling at the cutting area width of 100 meters with a term of contiguity cutting areas less than 4 years, alder, birch and aspen, Construction of buildings, power lines, roads, laying of Trou-laying and other utilities, cleaning riverbeds, development mestorozh-tions of common minerals in the reserve for on-farm needs are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic Belarus in coordination with the Ministry of natural resources and Environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of architecture and construction of Belarus.3. Mode National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is taken into account when developing and adjusting circuits land Pinsk, Stolin, Luninets and Zhitkovichi areas, project organization and development of Pinsk, Stolin, Luninets, Zhitkovichi LH and experimental forest hunting economy "Lyaskovichi" National Park "Pripyat", and and urban development proektov.4. This ad is the reserve of the republican value does not entail the removal of land from land users and landowners and zemlevladeltsev.Zemlepolzovateli, on land which formed res publikansky Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat", must comply with set-tion mode for its protection and use of environmentally tehnologii.5 . National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat" is run by the Pinsk, Stolin, Luninets and Zhitkovichi executive committees, which in conjunction with the environmental authorities in the prescribed manner shall protect this zakaznika.6. Persons guilty of violation of the National Landscape Reserve "Middle Pripyat", bear responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.7. The damage caused by violation of the reserve mode is compensated by legal and physical entities in the amount and procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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