February 2nd Day of wetlands

        February 2 the whole world will celebrate World Wetlands Day. It was February 2, 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was signed international importance mainly as Waterfowl Habitat, which was the first agreement in the field of sustainable use of natural resources.
Each year the Ramsar Secretariat determined theme of the World Day of wetlands. Wetlands are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems. The future of mankind depends largely on the status of wetlands. These ecosystems provide humanity with fresh water, helping to replenish groundwater. They are of great importance for the cultivation of rice and fish, which feed billions of people, act as a natural barrier to protect against floods and drought, protect coastline from rising sea levels, as well as help combat climate change.
        However, the public generally does not know these essential advantages. Very often, wetlands equal to the wastelands. Scientists estimate that 64% of wetlands have disappeared in the world since 1900.
The mission of the Convention is "the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation, with a view to contributing to the achievement of sustainable development throughout the world."
"Three pillars" of the Convention is the obligation of States Parties:
work towards the wise use of all their wetlands;
identify suitable wetlands for inclusion in the List of Wetlands of International Importance ( "Ramsar List") and to ensure their effective management;
organize international cooperation in transboundary wetlands, wetlands and common general systems.
To date the Ramsar Convention have joined 168 countries in 2180 wetlands around the world are included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.
Belarus became a Party to the Ramsar Convention in September 1999, declaring the first Ramsar site reserve of national importance "Sporovsky".
Our country with considerable resources of wetlands, plays an important role in their preservation at European level. Despite the large-scale land reclamation, which was held in the country in the 60s up to the present time about 869 thousand. Hectares of wetlands preserved in a natural or near-natural state. In the swamps of Belarus preserved in its natural state it is stored in the present about 24 billion. Tons of water, whereas in all the lakes of Belarus has about 6-7 bln. Tons of water.
Today 16 Belarusian wetlands of our country are included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance ( "Sporovsky", "Middle Pripyat", "Zvanets", "Olmanskie swamp", "Osveysky", "Yelnya", "Kotra" "Prostyr", Berezinsky Biosphere reserve, "Vygonoshchanskoye", "Morochno", "Old greedy", "Ostrova - Zaozerye", "Kozjansko", "Vydritsa" and "Pripyat" national park).
It should be noted that our country is actively working with neighboring countries in order to ensure the conservation of transboundary wetlands. The corresponding agreement on cooperation in this area have been signed with Latvia and Ukraine.
An important indicator of serious consideration of our country to the conservation of wetlands is also the fact that of the 16 wetlands in the world, having the status of cross-border, two wetlands of the Republic of Belarus recognized the Ramsar Secretariat parts of transboundary wetlands of international values ​​"Prostyr - Pripyat - Stokhid" (Belarus - Ukraine) and "Kotra - Chapkelyay" (Belarus - Lithuania).
In addition, in 2014, reached an agreement with Ukraine to nominate another transboundary Ramsar site - "Olmanskie swamp - peat array" ferment ".
In order to improve techniques and methods of protection of wetlands improved legislation in this area. For example, changes in the Republic of Belarus "On Environmental Protection Act, according to which the first swamps, marshes, which are the sources of water courses, referred to natural areas subject to special protection, and shall be a special regime of protection and use.
In order to prevent overgrowth of bush marshes, which leads to the transformation of these ecosystems and the disappearance of the habitat of wetland bird species each year the works on clearing meadows, fens, mineral islands of trees and shrub vegetation. In particular, such work is carried out on the territory of the reserve "Sporovsky", "Zvanets", "Middle Pripyat".Perhaps the most famous wetlands of our country are the nature reserve "Sporovsky" and "Zvanets". About 40% of the world population of Aquatic Warbler (globally threatened species) lives just on these two bogs of Belarus.
In 2014, on the basis of our first Ramsar site - Reserve "Sporovsky" hosted the European Championship manual haymaking fens, which by the decision of the organizing committee of the championship will now take this sanctuary every year. This event is aimed at creating favorable conditions for breeding aquatic warbler, as well as, of course, increases the popularity of the area.
Olmanskie mire has a high water protection gidroreguliruyuschee value for p. Pripyat. Due to the small population and the inaccessibility of the marshes are able to remain undisturbed areas with a typical composition of plant communities and faunal complexes, which makes this area unique and of particular importance in the preservation of native biodiversity and landscape identity of the Belarusian Polesie. It is important to place the concentration of wetland bird species nesting and migration. Key nesting place of globally threatened species - the Greater Spotted Eagle.
The floodplain of the Pripyat River, or as it is dubbed by international experts, "the Belarusian Amazon", is of international importance for the conservation of populations of a number of rare and endangered species in Europe. The greatest significance of this area is that there is constant and in fairly large quantities are found the following globally threatened and equated to them birds: large spotted eagle, corncrake, snipe stops during spring migration piskulka. Here nest more than 1% of the European population of great bittern, black stork, black terns. The reserve is home to over 1% of the national population of 27 species of birds.
Osveysky natural complex is a place for mass nesting waterbirds and has a natural binding to the migratory flow of north-eastern populations. During seasonal migrations ground regularly supports more than 20,000 waterfowl.
On the territory of the Ramsar site "Kotra" noted 117 species of birds, representing 39.3% of all registered in Belarus species.
Undoubtedly, our other wetlands included in the Ramsar List is not accidental. They all play an important role in the preservation of wetland birds in Europe.
Achievements in the field of conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in Belarus is really a lot. And not just at the international conferences of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Ramsar Convention, the Convention to Combat Desertification and land degradation in Belarus was cited as an example of a country with a positive experience in dealing with these problems.


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