June 5 – World Environment Day

 June 5 is the professional holiday of all environmentalists, nature conservationists and environmentalists.

      Man is a creator and at the same time the creator of his environment, which ensures his physical existence and provides him with opportunities for intellectual, moral, social and spiritual development. In the course of a long and painful evolution of humanity on our planet, such a stage was reached at which, as a result of the accelerated development of science and technology, man acquired the ability to transform his environment in unprecedented scale to date. Both aspects of the human environment, both natural and man-made, are crucial for their well-being and for the enjoyment of basic human rights, including even the right to life itself.

      World Environment Day is designed to encourage as many people as possible to take action in order to prevent the growing pressure on the planet’s natural life-support systems to reach a critical point.

      World Environment Day is an event for everyone and for the whole world. Since the beginning of the celebration in 1972, residents of many countries have held thousands of events, starting with cleaning around their home, planting trees and ending with the fight against crimes against wildlife.

The unity of man with nature

The theme of World Environment Day in 2017 is dedicated to the unity of man with nature and calls upon us to plunge into nature with love, appreciate its importance and protect our common planet Earth.

     The scientific advances of recent decades and the increasing environmental threat of global warming help us understand the countless ways in which natural systems support our own prosperity and well-being.

    For example, the world’s oceans, forests, and soil are vast repositories of such greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide and methane; peasants and fishermen extract natural resources both on land and under water to provide us with food; scientists are developing drugs using the genetic material of millions of different species that make up the amazingly rich biological diversity of the earth.

    Billions of rural residents all over the world work every day “together with nature” and are fully aware of their dependence on natural water sources and know that nature provides them with means of subsistence in the form of fertile soil. And they are the first to suffer if ecosystems are at risk due to pollution, climate change or over-exploitation.

      The institution “Reserves of national importance“ Middle Pripyat ”and“ Olmansky swamps ”calls on all caring people to make our Stolin region a bit cleaner. Visiting the forest, on reservoirs, other places of our unique nature, let’s collect at least a package of garbage irresponsibly left by our brethren and deliver it to the nearest container site to preserve and convey the purity of nature to our children for their long, healthy and happy life. .

Pleasant rest, great travel, beautiful nature.

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