March 25 Earth Hour

If scientists are to be believed, then man lives on Earth for several tens of thousands of years. From year to year, the violent activities of Homosapiens caused great damage to the planet. People evolved, technology stepped forward, and therefore the problems associated with the pollution of the planet only increased. But the clever humanity once said to itself: “Stop!”, And decided that over a long millennial history it is possible to carve out an entire hour in a year to try to save the Earth. Thus, a new holiday was born, or rather, the World Wide Funf For Nature world promotion.

Check your watch

Each person will be able to think about his behavior on March 25, 2017 from half past eight to half past nine in the evening local time. The essence of the action is simple: everyone who participates in it must turn off all electrical appliances and lights for one hour. Spending a whole hour of the Earth in complete darkness without the Internet, TV and smartphone will be unbearably difficult, but the planet needs our victims. There were cases that people who turned off the light for just an hour were so absorbed in the pristine atmosphere, charged with peace and quiet that they refused to turn on the light after an hour. When the Earth hour around the world was over, they continued to sit in the dark.

Aim for an hour

Like all actions held under the auspices of the World Wildlife Organization, environmentalists hope to attract as much attention as possible to the pressing problems of our planet. Show that humanity, when faced with one common problem, can rally around it and solve, if not completely, then partially. This is what the organizers of the World Wide Fund action are calling for and what thousands of people who joined the action are counting on. Every year the number of active participants is growing, perhaps the matter is simply in the fashionable flashmob nowadays, and perhaps the humankind has become a little more responsible over the past decades. But in one hour it will not be possible to decide, especially on the scale of the entire planet, therefore the earth’s hour action is rather a symbol of our faith and struggle for the future of the planet, and therefore for our future too.

Earth Hour in 2017 will take place on March 25 from 20:30 to 21:30 according to your local time.

Pleasant rest, great travel, beautiful nature.

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