September 27 – World Tourism Day

September 27 is a holiday celebrated by many. First of all, they are passionate travel fans who have visited many countries around the world. Every year the holiday is held under the new motto. On this day, events are held to popularize popular tourism, disseminate ideas for outdoor activities and visiting different parts of the Earth.

Tours, gatherings, trips to nature are arranged. The participants share their impressions of the beauties of the Earth, discuss the routes of movement, tell about the peculiarities of life in different countries, demonstrate video recordings and photographs.

Tourism in the modern sense, as a mass phenomenon and widely available opportunity to travel, appeared relatively recently, at the beginning of the last century. Rapidly gaining momentum, this phenomenon has become so popular that the majority of people became involved in tourism to one degree or another, especially in developed and developing countries.

The popularity of tourism is explained very simply, tourism is a benefit in all directions. It not only contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the tourist regions, actively supports the high level of cultural enrichment that travelers receive in the process of making their trip, but also gives a huge boost to cheerfulness.

I must say that every year agro-ecotourism is gaining popularity. Agritourism is a fairly mature tourism industry, its history goes back about 200 years. The main advantages of this type of recreation is that the tourist is given the opportunity to privacy, exemption from the daily routine, social status and duties that accompany him in his hometown. Thanks to such trips, tourists get acquainted with the national peculiarities of farming in a particular region, as well as plunge into the atmosphere of measured rest and life.

Tourism Day is a holiday for everyone who has ever felt like a traveler, getting out of the daily routine to the forest or on the field, on the bank of a river or lake, on the sea or resort, and also in other places that our beloved land is so rich ! It is quite natural that this is a holiday for those who are directly involved in this area – the tourism business. Celebration of staff and managers of hotel complexes, employees of travel companies and museum workers, as well as all those who are trying to professionally ensure our complete rest.

Pleasant rest, great travel, beautiful nature.

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